How wristbands can benefit your event

Event Wristbands

By Fiona
There are many elements to juggle when preparing for your fete to make sure that everything falls into place, and your fete is remembered by all as a success. You need a committee to decide the theme, manage the finances, coordinate the promotions and advertising, and organise rides and entertainment.
In terms of the promotion and organisation, there is one tool organisers are now starting to realise can help them with the smooth running of their fete on the day.
Wristbands are proving to be more and more popular for fairs, shows and fetes due to the identification, security and promotional benefits for organisers. Here are a few ideas on how wristbands can benefit your fete and contribute to its ease of running and success:
Basic Admission and Identification
You can sell wristbands for admission and identification, or if your admission is normally free, you can sell the wristbands as the perfect fundraising tool. Fetes have many expenses, so raising money can be important to help fund the event. For admission, you could sell Tyvek wristbands with a custom message or the event name printed on them. However, if you are simply trying to raise funds, silicone wristbands are ideal, as they can also promote the event or a special message on the day.

Ride Passes
The best fetes always have a great range of rides for visitors. Previously ticket rolls have been used to sell tickets, but these can easily be lost. As an alternative, wristbands make excellent ride passes or wristband passes at fetes, fairs and shows. These wristbands can give unlimited rides for a period of time.
Raffle Tickets
Holding a raffle and giving away a prize at your fete is another good idea to raise money, and instead of raffle tickets you could use Detachable Stub Tyvek Wristbands. These are excellent wristbands that meet two purposes. They can act as identification, and since they have an additional numbered stub which can be torn off, they can also be used in a raffle competition.

Identify and Organise Staff
Keeping track of staff, volunteers and workers on the day can be tricky. To identify these different groups of people on the day, you can provide them with a different coloured wristband. These are a clear indicator of who is allowed in which area on the day.
Overall, it is important to choose high quality wristbands that are waterproof, durable, and tear resistant. Other considerations need to be whether you need wristbands that are tamper-evident, sequentially numbered for monitoring guests or with barcoding if needed.

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