How to get donations for your next fete


One of the main complaints from parents is that as well as spending money at the school fete, they are asked to donate toys/cakes etc in advance as well.

Instead of asking for a gold coin donation for your next free dress day, why not ask for a donation which can be used at the next school fete. With good planning, you could hold two or three throughout the year, asking for something different each time.

Suggestions could be:

  • A block of chocolate for a chocolate toss game
  • A tin or packet of(non-perishable) food for a food hamper
  • A filled jar for tombola (ie lollies, marbles, Lego, stationery, pretty pegs etc)
  • Some small toys for lucky dips
  • Some craft supplies for the craft table or raffle hamper
  • Seeds, pots or gardening supplies
  • A new or second hand book or toy
  • Ingredients that could be used later to make cakes or biscuits
  • A ‘bottle’ of something (shampoo, wine, bubble bath, pasta sauce, olive oil etc) which can be used in hampers or a bottle stall (buy a $2 raffle ticket which matches up to a bottle)

You could ask each class or year group to bring something different and without much effort, you will have collected plenty of donations for your next fete.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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