Crank up the Election BBQ


How To Fundraise

We all know that election days provide fundraising opportunities to those organisations lucky enough to host a booth, or invited to set up at a booth.  Let’s crank that concept up a notch and create a bit of a festival atmosphere!

How to fundraise during an election;

This will be of particular interest to our NSW readers with an election looming in a matter of weeks.

Invite other local groups to join you and set up their own booth. Examples include kindergartens, local churches and sporting clubs.

They can set up all sorts of stalls, including a cake stall, a second hand book stall, lemonade stand, and somebody PLEASE set up a coffee stand!!! (Remember you can always call a mobile coffee vendor who often donate a portion of proceeds to community groups).

In theory, you could ask for a small booth fee from the other groups, but more important is to create a bit of a buzz and get people hanging around and in the party/ spending mood.

Let’s use our imagination and go further with this (regular readers will know I can’t help myself!). Have a simple raffle if you can get a prize donated. You can also get a ‘busking’ thing going on, where your students (or neighbouring music schools) get to show off their talents and entertain the waiting crowds and maybe raise an extra coin or two.

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann