Holi Colour Powder


Holi Colour Powder, powered by Australian Fundraising, Australia’s largest independent supplier of fundraising products now offers high schools a great way to raise funds or as a celebration by running their own School Colour Explosion Event. It’s a fun and engaging event creating a memorable experience for your students with lasting memories. Visit our website www.holicolourpowder.com.au to view our range of colour powder and accessories.

We know how difficult it is finding fundraising ideas that engage high school students. Fundraising could be for resources at the school or for a charity cause. Schools are also looking for an event as a celebration such as End of Year. By offering an exciting event that will readily be accepted by students, you will achieve greater involvement, engagement and support from the students and even their families. Our School Colour Explosion Event is readily used by high schools.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality powder in Australia at affordable prices. We will turn your event into an explosion of colour! It’s inexpensive and perfect to run as a major fundraiser or celebration event. The cost can be as low as $1.30 per student.

Our colour powder is manufactured in India, the home of Holi Powder. It’s made of high-quality cornstarch and food grade colours. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, skin safe and scent free. By sourcing directly, we can ensure our powder is safe and fully tested with Safety Data Sheets and Toxicological Risk Assessments. We can even assist in developing your own Event Risk Assessment and give you tips on how to implement and run your very own School Colour Explosion.

Why Choose Holi Colour Powder?

  • Fast Delivery & Free 
    In stock and ready to ship directly from our Brisbane warehouse, we offer free freight on all orders received over $150.
  • Authentic Holi Powder
    Our powder is sourced directly from India, the home of holi powder.
  • Affordable Fundraising
    We buy in bulk so our prices are up to 30% less than our competitors.
  • Safe and easy to clean
    Made from food grade materials, our colour powder is non-toxic and easy to clean from clothes and surfaces.

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