The Practical Fundraising Handbook: for school and club volunteers

  • If you have ever left a committee meeting with a sense of deja vu because discussion about fundraising has gone round and round in circles – again! – the book is for you.
  • If you have ever been up to your elbows in sticky chocolate icing or slaved over a sizzling barbecue and thought ‘there must be a better way to make money for my group’, this book is for you.
  • If you genuinely want to make a difference in your community, this book is absolutely for you.

In the Practical Fundraising Handbook, we introduce you to the Grassroots Fundraising Strategy Map – a straightforward guide that any volunteers from any size organisation will benefit from.

We identify 5 secrets common to the most successful fundraisers:

  • They create a strategic plan.
  • They always communicate expectations.
  • They create an inclusive culture.
  • They have effective leadership.
  • They retain and pass on knowledge.

To preview the first three chapters (61 pages) of The Practical Fundraising Handbook, click here.

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