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Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with Nicola from School Ponytails to discuss how they can help out your school, club or organisation with fundraising with their range of hair accessories.

A little bit of background info

fundraising with hair bows

School Ponytails supplies schools and clubs nationally with uniform hair accessories and sports products. Whether you’re a parent shopping online, a P&C looking for no risk fundraising opportunities, or a uniform shop with a stockist enquiry, they have simple solutions for you.

They’re also a one-stop shop for sports day. Our range includes coloured zinc, hair spray, sweatbands, kids’ sunnies, sports bags, pom poms, and more. The best bit: we offer these via Pre-Order, which means there’s no out-of-pocket expense to the schools.

All in all, the basic principles are that the school community are buying these products from stores already, so it makes sense for schools to earn a 25% profit share from the sales.

Click here to request your information pack from School Ponytails.


If you are at work and can’t watch the video but don’t want to miss out… read the transcript below 🙂 

MW Mandy Weidmann – the Fundraising Whisperer
NN Nicola Noble – School Ponytails

MW Hi, it’s Mandy Weidmann here, the Fundraising Whisperer. I’m here today with Nicola from School Ponytails. We’re going to be having a chat with her today.

MW Hello Nicola, you’ve got a very bright stand here.

NN Thank you, Mandy, yes.

MW Gorgeous. As I’ve got three girls and these are pretty magnificent. You obviously, sell beautiful bows and accessories for hair. How did you get into it in the first place?

NN I’ve also got two little girls and when the oldest started school I couldn’t get the right colour of blue for her school uniform. As I started looking into it and trying to figure out where I could possibly get this right shade of blue, I realised that I would just need to do it myself. As it progressed I figured that the school should be making money off the sale of these sort of items in their custom colours. The School Ponytails concept developed and we now supply schools around Australia and help them fundraise with 25% off the value sales going straight back to the school.

MW Okay, cool. Basically, you can sell them to uniform shops.

NN I can sell them to uniform shops. They can become a stockist and have them inside the uniform shop but we also offer online ordering as well. Which is ideal for the…

MW Like, sports carnivals and things.

NN Absolutely.

MW I’ve seen over here, hang on. We’ve got this rack here of the usual colours of the sports houses or factions if you’re in Western Australia. Oh, and the cheer stuff, cute. I love these two-tone bows, they’re my favourite. You can do them in any school combination?

NN We can do them in… We’ve got about 190 colours (unlimited combos) and we’re in stock as well. As long as we’re in stock in your colours, which as you can see we’ve got a lot, we can fill your orders the next day.

MW Okay, cool. Over here we’ve got JoJo bows, although minimised a little bit.

NN School JoJo bows. This is how big they are, just to give you a reference.

MW Not as massive.

NN They’re not as big but they come in the school colours. It means that you can kick JoJo out of school and bring a more school appropriate size.

MW Yes, they’re very cute and $6.

NN $6 with $1.50 going back to school.

MW At a retail of $6.

NN Absolutely, yes. Everything is very affordable.

MW Yes.

NN They fill a need and a want for the parents which is good. Principals love it because it matches… It reinforces the uniform policy. Parents love it.

MW Yes, and it looks smart, doesn’t it?

NN It really finishes off the look which is the best bit about it.

MW Yes. I see here, this is the kind of stand that a uniform shop would have in their own colours.

NN Absolutely. In their own custom colours. This is one of them and we’ve got multiple sizes.

MW Let’s just check out the prices because really it… They’re not wildly expensive.

NN They’re really not at all.

MW You’ve got the two-tone options and the clips and the headbands with the bows that can clip in.

NN And very cool little custom options as well. You can clip your own on there. Unique products like bun wraps which are really cool for dance as well. Also suited to netball clubs, basketball any sporting clubs.

MW Or team. The team colours.

NN Yes, absolutely.

MW Nice. Also, parents can order online.

NN Parents can absolutely order online.

MW They can… I think you were saying before that they… Schools can register for a code that they can then just share with their parents to order online by themselves, so they don’t, actually, have to do anything.

NN Absolutely, yes. Completely passive. Passive fundraiser. Really, really simple. We send the code to the school once they’ve registered. They share it on Facebook. We’ll even provide you with the marketing materials in the post so you really don’t need to do much. Parents can have their orders shipped direct to the home or we can send to the school each term to correlate with, maybe, a faction carnival or kindy orientation or school photo day.

MW Okay. Photo day, that’s cool. I think, also, as part of a book pack it would be awesome. To send this home so that when you’re preparing everything for the new school year, then it’s all just there.

NN That’s exactly it.

MW Yes, cool. Thank you for taking the time today. I think they’re awesome. It’s a beautiful, quality product and best of luck with it.

NN Thank you very much, Mandy.


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