Guess How Many

An ever-popular yet simple fundraiser with children and adults alike. Find an attractive glass jar, vase or see-through container and fill it with something that can easily be counted: jelly beans for example. Charge each player an amount to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. At the end of the event, the person whose is closest is the winner– and takes home the jar. As a variation, at Easter time, fill the container with mini chocolate eggs.

You can ‘Guess How Many’ anything: Smarties, jellybeans, buttons, pins, paperclips, marbles, coins, pebbles, rubber bands, Easter eggs…For a small cost, a person writes down their best guess. You can make it harder by mixing up the contents, like marshmallows, M&Ms and Freckles.

Tip – If you are holding an event and can source a weekend hire of a luxury car to raffle, have the car on display and fill it with balloons. You can have a ‘guess how many’ of the balloons at the same time as running the raffle.