Glow Sticks and Novelty LEDS

Kids love glow-sticks –they are an economical and easy addition to many fundraisers and events such as discos, fetes, sundowners, balls, Halloween and movie nights. Bought in bulk they can be used as cheap giveaways or sold at a profit. LED candles are the safest solution for Carols by Candlelight and ANZAC Day Dawn ceremonies. Click here for some unique decorating ideas using glow sticks.

Although this post was sponsored by one of my advertisers, all opinions are my own, and I think they are great products I want to share with FRM readers. Prices update November 2018.

In a nutshell

Fundraising ideas: glow-sticks in bulk, LED candles and novelties

Suitable for: Australia-wide, discos, ANZAC Day dawn ceremonies, twilight fetes, Halloween parties, Carols by Candlelight, balls, movies under the stars, camping trips  – anything done in the dark.

Profit: 100%+

The Products

Classic glow sticks (20mm) come in packs of 100 mixed colours ($20) or 2,500 mixed colours ($500).

Extra long necklaces (550mm) which have three colours inside each necklace come in packs of 50 ($33) or 600 ($396).

The unit cost is $0.20 for the bracelets and $0.66 for the necklaces. This makes a cheap giveaway, or you can sell individually at a profit of your choice.

Glow-sticks are top quality and have a shelf life of four years, so buying in bulk can be the most economical way of buying.

Tall LED candles are a safe option for Carols by Candlelight and ANZAC Day ceremonies– and if you choose to just ‘loan’ candles to families for the event (to retain for subsequent years) the batteries have a continuous use life of up to 96 hours, meaning they would last for a number of years with careful storage.

Candles come in a range of options including rainbow (flashing colours), classic yellow or bright white. The unique design of candles with glitter in the ‘flame’ ensures a maximum sparkly effect.

Candles can be ordered individually or in bulk for $1.75 each.

Light Up My Life also have a large range of novelty LED items such as light-up drinkware and ice-cubes and fibre optic table centrepieces for your next adult function, headwear (such as light up bunny ears and antlers) and light up wands and swords.

Worth mentioning

Schools, churches and PCYCs can buy products on a 28 day invoice – meaning you do not need money upfront, and can on-sell the products at your event to raise the necessary funds to cover the invoice. In order to take advantage of this, orders must be called, emailed or faxed through (1300 138 076).

It’s almost impossible to buy just one glow-stick, so offer enticing deals to customers such as one glow-stick for $1, three for $2 and five for $3.

Always order extra glow-sticks for your sales people to wear. It’s the best way to advertise them.

Make sure you tell people in advance that glow-sticks will be available for sale at your function. People will bring money and you will make more sales.

Light Up My Life is located in Brisbane but supplies Australia wide with same-day shipping and always uses registered mail.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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