Givft Station

Givft Station is proud to offer a brand new, exciting option for your school/club fundraising. Whilst we understand traditional methods of fundraising are still popular, we know that new ideas often spark increased interest and participation in fundraising activities.

Inside each of us lives an artist. We invite you to unleash your creativity and tell Your Story. Givft Station’s passion to provide smartphone and tablet owners with the very finest in customised and personalised cases, set the groundwork for our desire to revolutionise customer engagement.

When there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear; we compel customers to see and feel the difference between our cases and others. Our premium products, special coatings, and printing technology are unsurpassed.

Givft Station is a personalisation company that puts imagery onto phone cases. Your Story can be told using a design from our Art Collection, or fully personalised with photography and text. It is our passion for details that make the Givft Station experience unbeatable. Your Story is waiting to be told.

We have fulfilment centres all around the world which means you can fundraise outside Australia, or purchase as gifts and send to anyone around the world!

How It Works

  • Unique code set up to use at the Check Out on our website.
  • $9.00 donated back to your fundraiser for every phone case purchased.
  • Speak to us about other discounts that may apply on products purchased.
  • Orders delivered directly to the customer, or can be bulk delivered back to your school or club for distribution or collection.
  • Fundraising periods are flexible, please discuss with us.