This is a marketplace that allows people to donate goods to your cause by selling them directly to other members of the community.

The platform is designed to help schools, amateur sporting clubs and community groups raise funds by allowing their supporters to sell unwanted goods and contribute the proceeds to their favourite cause (a bit like gumtree or facebook marketplace but the proceeds go to your organisation).

How does it work?

  1. When someone wants to donate an item, they simply list it for sale on the platform and choose which cause will receive the proceeds
  2. The item is then purchased and pickup arranged with the seller
  3. The proceeds are then transferred to your fundraising account at the end of each month, and you receive a list of completed transactions

It is a great way for your supporters to donate without having to put a hand in their pocket. For example, many people are using the platform to donate things like:

  • Secondhand school uniforms
  • Footy boots
  • Sporting equipment
  • Unwanted items

What are the benefits?

Our schools and community groups can raise money and avoid having to manage all of the items brought in for the annual fair or garage sale, instead fundraising all year round, without the need for volunteers or being left with lots of unsold goods in the storeroom. Givenitup delivers amazing benefits such as:

  • No cost to your school or community group
  • No need for volunteers or administrators to manage fundraising efforts
  • A steady stream of passive fundraising dollars
  • Covid safe and environmentally friendly

Register your school, sporting club or community group by contacting us.


Felicia Welstead, PFA President, Gardenvale Primary School 24th January 2022

The team from Givenitup approached the Parents and Friends Association at Gardenvale Primary School about getting onboard and using their platform in 2021. Without needing to do practically anything, we have been able to raise $1000, simply from marketing the platform to our community and families and listing unwanted items on the marketplace. Being in an environment where raising funds is really tough and parents' time is limited, it makes sense to be a part of something so easy to use and successful! Not to mention promoting the valuable message of looking after our environment through re-use of items within our community. We will definitely continue to use Givenitup in 2022 and beyond.