Getting Your Message Across

 Getting Your Message Across

As a fundraiser, a big frustration is making sure that your message gets through to the people that need to see it. That is, parents, guardians, carers, grandparents and beyond.   

Knowing that you’ve gone to the effort of creating a brochure, flyer, information pack or even just a simple note and for it to end up lost amongst all the other pieces of paper that are sent home can be very deflating. So the question begs, what can you do to make your message stand out?

Adding ‘tangible’ item to your message creates a point of difference and interest and can greatly improve your audience saturation.  The best thing is that this can be achieved in a really cheap and simple way.  For a bit of fun, you can even make it a bit of a novelty which could be the difference between your message being seen or not.

  • Planning a cookbook fundraiser? Attach a plastic fork or spoon to your information flyer or brochure.
  • Trivia night? Staple an old Trivial Pursuit question card to your flyer.
  • School disco? Attach a glow stick to your flyer.  
  • Scavenger hunt? Attach a novelty compass to your flyer..
  • Bingo night? Print your flyer on the back of a bingo card.
  • Casino night? Attach a betting chip or monopoly money.

The extent of these ideas is limited only by your imagination.


Fetes are without doubt the single biggest money earner when it comes to fundraising, so you want as much community engagement as you can muster. You are not only looking to recruit volunteers but the more information your school community has about your event, the more likely they are to have a connection.

You will no doubt be sending home an information pack about your upcoming fete or fair and you’ve probably spent a lot of time preparing this. Your hope is that those receiving it, will take the time to read it. But we’re all busy, right?

But are we too busy to stop for a cup of tea? NEVER!!! 😉 Attach a tea bag to your fete information packs with a note asking your reader to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea ‘on you’.  A little encouragement for a time out could give you a great result in the end.

Originally published 30 June, 2016

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