Fundraising with Children’s Artwork: Christmas Cards and Gifts

Fundraising with Children’s Artwork: Christmas Cards and Gifts

Have you recently held an art show fundraiser at your school? Did you know that you can ‘piggy back’ another fundraiser off your art show which can help families out with their Christmas preparations and create some awesome keepsakes at the same time? Try this twist with fundraising with Children’s Artwork to boost your sales!

There are a number of companies that can transform kids artworks or photographs of artworks into cards and gifts. These fundraisers can be run at any time of year and most suppliers offer a great range of products that the artwork can be transferred onto like cards, calendars, tea towels, pillows, diaries, phone cases and more.

All of these products make unique gifts for those receiving them, so get on top of your Christmas fundraising early and start ordering.

If your school is holding an art show soon, get in touch with these companies NOW. That way you will have everything you need before your show. Then you can catch parents while they have their hand in their pocket to purchase their little people’s artworks.

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Mandy Weidmann is Australia’s ‘Fundraising Whisperer’ – publisher of the Fundraising Directory and author of the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers. Mandy believes that parent volunteers shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time and is passionate about providing resources to make fundraising easier (and more fun). Click here to learn more about school and club fundraising ideas in Australia.

Originally published 19 September, 2017

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