Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers

The ‘same old people’ helping in fundraising. 

It is a common cry from fundraising committees everywhere. ‘It’s the same people who help again and again!’.  Finding fundraising volunteers is one of the biggest tasks of a successful event.

It is true that some people are inherently generous with their time (let’s call them ‘Natural Born Givers’) and gravitate towards volunteering their time for you.  When you are in need of fundraising volunteers, these are the people you can always count on and are therefore your first port of call.

This is where the problem lies. Just because it is easier, doesn’t mean it is the best option for the long term. This approach prevents you from building up a broad base of fundraising volunteers.

Apart from our beloved ‘Natural Born Givers’, there are 4 other types of people within our direct community.

1. The ‘Natural Born Givers’ within your community that you simply haven’t connected with yet.

2. Those who are prepared to help if they (or their skills) are desperately needed.