Fundraising Using QR Codes

Google has recently reinvigorated interest in QR codes as a marketing tool after they acquired California-based startup Punchd. But for many people QR codes remain a mystery, so here’s a guide to QR codes and how to use them to get more from your fundraising.


What is it?

A QR Code is a virtual bookmark (also known as hardlinks or physical world hyperlinks) that connect the physical world to online information. QR Codes consist of a 2D matrix barcode that is encoded to contain a link to a website, so that when someone sees the QR Code and scans it with their mobile phone they are immediately directed to your online information.


Why do I need it?

Smartphone’s have become the norm these days because of the rich applications that come freely available on them (e.g. mapping and email software) as well as for the convenience they offer consumers who can browse the internet on their phones.


Consumers with ‘QR-capable’ phones (phones that have a built in QR code scanner application) can scan QR codes they find in newspaper and magazine ads, on flyers, posters or stickers, to gain quick access to online information. Meaning, they can find information on your fundraising event quickly without having to know your website’s URL with just one click!

How do I use them?

Countless businesses are already using QR codes in their print advertising, on billboards, posters and flyers to direct people to their websites, so now is a great time for schools and community groups to start using them too. You can use QR codes to direct people to;

  1. The fundraising event website
  2. To a donation page on
  3. To a YouTube video of your event (or promoting your event)

To create your own QR Code, go to:

Here are a few ways you can integrate QR codes into your marketing collateral for your next fundraising campaign:

Print materials – Any fundraising letters, newsletters, tickets, activities programs or flyers that you plan to produce for your fundraising should include a QR code as it will make it convenient for a person to donate online, similar to having a link in an email.

Signage – Printing out your QR code on to stickers will enable you to stick them on to event signs, to local businesses windows as well as making them available for people to use as bumper stickers.

Other – If you’re feeling really creative and would like to show off a little, why not print the QR code on to t-shirts worn by people involved in your fundraising campaign!

Irrespective of where you place your QR code, it’s important to have some instructions about what it is and how to scan it as many people are still not familiar with them. For people without QR code scanners on their phone, they can easily download them from the AppStore for free.