Fundraising Using QR Codes

On the shortlist of things that Covid-19 has been good for, QR codes are close to the top. No, they aren’t new, but ‘checking in’ everywhere has meant that the square codes are no longer a scary mystery.

This means that everyone can now use and benefit from them, including fundraisers!

With a single click, a QR code can be generated that you can use anywhere you like. Think raffle tickets, posters, fete brochures and promotional flyers!

Did you know?

Despite becoming widely used and recognisable thanks to COVID – QR codes were first created back in 1994 to aid in tracking vehicles and parts!

A QR Code is a virtual bookmark (also known as hardlinks or physical world hyperlinks) that connect the physical world to online information. QR Codes consist of a 2D matrix barcode that is encoded to contain a link to a website, so that when someone sees the QR Code and scans it with their mobile phone they are immediately directed to your online information.

Create your QR Code

  1. Head to a QR code generator (there are some listed below)
  2. Copy the URL you wish to link to
  3. Post it into a QR code Generator
  4. Test the QR code to make sure it scans
  5. Use QR code on all posters and brochures!

Here are a few ways you can integrate QR codes into your marketing collateral for your next fundraising campaign:

Print materials – Any fundraising letters, newsletters, tickets, activities programs or flyers that you plan to produce for your fundraising should include a QR code as it will make it convenient for a person to donate online, similar to having a link in an email.

Signage – Printing out your QR code on to stickers will enable you to stick them on to event signs, to local businesses windows as well as making them available for people to use as bumper stickers.

Other – If you’re feeling really creative and would like to show off a little, why not print the QR code on to t-shirts worn by people involved in your fundraising campaign!

What is a dynamic QR code?

Some QR code generators allow you to create a dynamic QR code, where you can change the destination address whenever you like.

This could be helpful if you aren’t certain of the correct address at the time of creating the code, or if you have a poster that will be used for the long-term but the link would otherwise need to be updated from time to time.

Where to create your QR Code

There are many FREE QR code makers readily available online. Alternatively, create your QR Code straight within Canva.

Try these ones out:


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