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Fundraising Posters

Fundraising Tip of the Week: Fundraising Posters & Themes
One fantastic way to get your community involved in your event, campaign or fundraising drive is to run an Art or Drawing or even a Cartoon Competition around your theme. This is a fantastic idea for children, but even for adults too.
The drawings can be judged by artists within your community, with small prizes on offer (don’t forget to have them donated – a penny saved is a penny earned!). Have different categories that can win prizes – perhaps separated by age group or genre. The winning designs can be used for all sorts of purposes. Have a graphic designer (volunteering their time of course!) scan them and turn them into posters, flyers, and ‘shareable’ web images with clever captions so your community can spread the word on social media such as Facebook. If the artwork is good enough, you can even print some calendars or cards with the designs and sell them at your event.
Another cool idea is to have custom labels designed for the wine you sell at your event (check out the wine suppliers on our site who specialise in this – search the Fundraising Directory website) and then take orders for cartons to be delivered afterwards. A spin on this idea is a video competition – kids these days can very quickly put together a short movie – and often very clever too. We wrote some time ago on our Fetes and Festivals website about a school that ran one of these poster competitions for their ‘outer space’ fete with great success – you can see the results of their work in a link I’ll post below.
Our tip this week is sponsored by Signature Engraving – suppliers of engraved bricks and pavers for fundraising. Signature Engraving is offering a free sample engraved paver with their information pack so you can see the quality of their work for yourself.
Happy Fundraising! Mandy Weidmann

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