Fundraising Tip – Tips for selling raffle tickets

selling raffle tickets

Raffle Ticket Fundraising

A traditional raffle is a tried and true form of fundraising.  Here are some tips for getting more tickets sold.

Out and about

Ask around local shopping centres if you can set up out the front.  Where possible, have your prize on show.  Clearly display where you are from and what the money will be spent on.  Have members/ students in uniform (the more the better!) and it can’t hurt to put a few balloons up.  You really need to differentiate between your local cause and the charities that often set up in shopping centres.  Tip #1:  have a collection tin handy for those that are happy to support you but don’t want to buy a ticket.  Tip #2: if you have an event coming up, put up a sign or hand out flyers/ invitations, or even print a short promo on the back of every ticket!

At an event

Have ticket sellers dress in something noticeable – anything from a uniform to a hat made out of balloons, and roam the crowd.

In the workplace

If you are too shy to walk around and make the ask, put up a sign at your desk and flick an email around.

Family and friends

Family gatherings are great for hitting up the rellies.  Also, mention the raffle and prize on facebook and see if you can move some that way.

Click here for State by State raffle rules and regulations.

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