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Fundraising Tip of the Week: A survey to increase engagement (including a free template!)

I have often written about the importance of getting your community involved when creating a fundraising plan. A survey is an ideal way of going about this. The feedback you unearth can reveal hidden treasures of ideas and talent within your community, and will also help to increase the ‘buy-in’ and broader engagement towards your fundraising goals.

It is our passion here at the Fundraising Directory to stop volunteers from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’. In this spirit, we have come up with a comprehensive example survey that you can copy and modify to suit your purposes.

An online survey tool (such as but there are a few out there) is the easiest way of going about this as the link can be shared via enewsletters and Facebook, and the collation of results is straightforward.

The survey we devised covers a lot of ground, including seeking fundraising ideas, ideas for targets and goals, awareness raising, recruiting for a specific volunteer role as well as seeking general ideas for engagement. The survey is designed for a primary school but the concepts can be modified for any volunteer-based organisation.

If you have any great documents, templates or handover notes that other volunteers might benefit from, we would love to be able to share them on your behalf (PM me to get my email)… so we can all stop reinventing the wheel!

Happy Fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

Originally published 17 April, 2014

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