Fundraising tip – ‘Newbie’ Volunteers

As we all know, attracting new volunteers to help with your fundraising can be a bit of a challenge. A serious ”don’t” for dealing with ‘newbies’, however, is to latch onto them in desperation and burden them with great responsibility before they are ready or appreciate what they are committing to.

If you do make this mistake, word will surely spread and you will find it difficult to recruit volunteers in the future.

So when welcoming the newbies, make sure you settle them into their volunteering stint slowly, giving them smaller tasks to start with which will help them to relax into their volunteering role. Playing ‘wing-man’ to a more experienced volunteer is a great way to do this. Increase their responsibilities only when they are ready and able.

This approach requires planning, but encourages you to recruit for new positions early with plenty of transition time.