Fundraising Tip – Get them ‘jumping’ in to help!

Fundraising Incentives

Here is a great tip we stumbled across recently…

We all know that incentives work well to give fundraising a boost.    Group incentives, such as class or team parties, work particularly well in getting the competitive juices flowing.

A great group incentive prize is a ‘jumping castle’ party – book a jumping castle for a day (tip: get it donated or sponsored) and you get many prizes for the price of one!

If you are a school with more than one class per year level, you can run a competition for each year level.  That is, the highest selling class in each grade will win a jumping castle party!  The Principal and teachers would need to agree to release students for one class during that day.

Tip: for additional fundraising, open up the jumping castle in the lunchtime to all students, charging a small entry fee 🙂