Fundraising Mums Merges with the Fundraising Directory

Joint Announcement

By Mandy Weidmann (the Fundraising Directory) and Shannon Meyerkort (Fundraising Mums)


We are pleased to announce that the content on the Fundraising Mums website will soon transition to the Fundraising Directory, creating a powerhouse of fundraising resources for Australia’s schools and clubs.

Fundraising Mums, founded by Shannon Meyerkort in 2015, has been dedicated to investigating as many unique fundraising ideas as possible; researching businesses, uncovering stories, and finding inspiring ideas.

The Fundraising Directory, founded by Mandy Weidmann and late business partner Helen Creswick in 2006, has become a leading repository of fundraising suppliers and resources in Australia.

The Transition

With other writing projects taking more of Shannon’s focus, she has decided to take a step back from Fundraising Mums. After discussions with Mandy from the Fundraising Directory, it became clear that the combination of content would be a powerful asset for the community sector in Australia.

‘My initial philosophy when starting Fundraising Mums back in 2015 was simply to share great fundraising ideas with as many people as possible. I have done that, and through The Fundraising Directory, I will continue to do that’ said Shannon.

Says Mandy: ‘I’ve admired Shannon’s writing since the beginning. Sometimes she would publish an article and I’d say ‘I wish I’d have written that! When I heard that she was focussing on other writing, I reached out to see whether there was an opportunity to incorporate her content into our site.’ 

‘This is a win for our readers and for Australia’s school and club volunteers more generally’, said Mandy.

Fundraising Mums will continue to exist in the short term, and articles will soon begin to be migrated to The Fundraising Directory.

What do you need to do?

If you already subscribe to The Fundraising Directory or follow the Fundraising Whisperer, you don’t need to do anything. You will just get access to even more great content!

If you subscribe to the Fundraising Mums monthly newsletter, you will be given the option to unsubscribe or alternatively be transitioned to receive the Fundraising Directory newsletter. Followers of Fundraising Mums on Facebook will be encouraged to follow the Fundraising Whisperer’s page.


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