Fundraising Ideas starting with ‘B’

We recently put a call out to our Facebook fans to come up with some fundraising ideas starting with the letter ‘B’ as part of our A-Z of Fundraising, and here are the great ideas they kindly provided;

Biscuit Bake

Bunnings BBQ

Bake Sale


Bowls Day Out


Blue Day

Bare Foot Bowling

Bag Tags

Beauty Therapy Pamper Days


Bake Off

Broadcasting (To advertise your event where ever possible)

BBQ Anywhere

Bands (A lot of local bands could donate their time for exposure)

Back to front draw

Barn Dance

Business Directory

Bid for the centerpiece


Baby Showers

Bridal Expos

Broke Day

Bandaid Day

Banana Day

Bowling Fundraiser

Basketball Tournament

Brick Fundraising

Bottled Water


Beef Jerky

Book Fair

Book sale

Bikini and Budgee (to be worn only to a BBQ where only Burgers and Bangers are sold)

Bangers and mash day

Bookmark, Bottle or Bracelet personalised with the child’s artwork or photo