Common problems for early child care: fundraising ideas for kindy, prep and child care

Turning drawbacks into opportunities

Fundraising with young kids is different from fundraising at any other time. In the last article, we covered some of the automatic advantages fundraisers have in early childhood (a lot of it due to the cuteness factor). But it’s also a more complicated environment when young children are involved. We’ve got some great fundraising ideas for kindy, prep and child care to turn the disadvantages into opportunities.

Drawback 1

Many families with young children have reduced disposable incomes, either because a parent is staying at home or working part-time. Money’s tight.

“I have found day-to-day purchases turned into fundraisers don’t burn a hole in the budget. They simply require a change in where the ‘spend’ happens.”

Marisa, parent, Newcastle

Product selection and timing is critical. For example, think books and toys. How much are you likely to spend for Christmas for your own child and others? With advance promotion, you can get other parents to plan to buy from book or toy catalogues and give a gift that helps others too, by supporting your kindy’s fundraising goals.

Your fundraiser is not burning a hole in a tight budget, just changing where the money’s spent. Offer something that is universally popular and easy to sell, something that patrons will enjoy and appreciate.

Drawback 2

If you use a childcare centre, there’s generally no specific start or pick up time: it’s guided by your own work schedule. But every child must be checked in and out. Here’s the fundraising committee’s opportunity!

  • Organise a display complete with order forms, invitations, samples etc right next to the check-in.
  • Make an ally of the staff member supervising check-in to mention the fundraiser to parents.
  • Check-in is the place for a volunteer sign-up board too. We deal with that in ‘How to get volunteer support’.
  • As the fundraising drive progresses, change the display. Countdown reminders can be useful, so can a progress indicator.
  • PLUS, set up a group page on a social networking site like Facebook or a page on your child care provider’s website, that’s specifically for fundraising news.

Drawback 3

Parents of small children have very little ‘me’ time. Children need supervision and if it’s not parental, it usually costs!

Consider a party plan type fundraiser – perhaps for jewellery, homewares, books or clothing – either at your kindy or at a parent’s house. At the kindy, it could be just before pick-up on a particular day, for example. Search for suppliers here.

Family portraits as fundraisers can be organised on a Saturday morning at your centre, providing a safe and familiar waiting environment for your children. Families are usually booked in at 15-minute intervals – virtually in and out without fuss. Search for suppliers here.

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