Fundraising Handover: preparing the ground for the next season

 What to do when the Fundraising’s Over

Orders have been dispatched, the money’s banked, and it’s all over, right? Not quite. But then, you know that: you’ve read the Practical Fundraising Handbook. Fundraising Handover is the key to ongoing success. By finishing well, you’re preparing well for next year, or next season’s fundraising.

Your fundraising committee must still complete FOUR key tasks:

  1. Share the outcome with your community.

Too often, a fundraiser just fades away. People want to know what happened! Communicate the result with everyone who took part – committee members,  volunteers, and supporters – using your newsletter and/or website: “Our pie drive resulted in $4000 profit which enables X classrooms to be air conditioned.”

  1. Provide your fundraising supplier with feedback.

Head to their listing on The Fundraising Directory and leave a review for them there!

  1. Congratulate your volunteers on a job well done.

They’ll be more receptive to helping again. Handwritten notes from the group president are a nice touch – far better than a blanket group email. We’ve got some ideas for thanking volunteers. If it’s too much for the organising committee, why not think about deputising to a Thank You Sergeant? Because people who feel appreciated are MUCH more likely to come back. Hand out thank-yous like Oprah hands out presents.

  1. Complete the Report Card in your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual.

This provides a record of what worked, what didn’t; and why. It includes timelines, quantities, costs, profit, and volunteer and supplier details. It’s an essential tool to help measure success and plan a bigger and better fundraiser next time.

See here for more advice on Fundraising Handover Report, including a handover report template.

Originally published 8 September, 2015

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