Fun Run, Fundraiser Incentives

Fun Run, Fundraiser Incentives

This morning, a quick message from the “Boss” had me excited to speak to another Fundraising Co-ordinator all the way in Shailer Park. Kimberly Park State School about some fun fundraiser incentives that they have incorporated into their recent fun run.  The school has about 880 students and I got to talk to the newly minted Fundraising Co-ordinator Mel Nichols.

The P&C of the school is organising a Fun Run after getting in touch with the Australian Fundraising Specialists ( This idea came to them when the schools very enterprising PE teacher approached the P&C with an idea of some sort of an obstacle course/fun run. However, the KPSS P&C has taken it a step further by adding to the gaiety by some really cool, fundraiser incentives.

With on line sponsorship, and lots of advertising via their Facebook P&C page, newsletter and assembly mentions, an information letter sent to each family – the KPSS P&C has already raised just over $1000.00 – and they had only just started fundraising a week ago. They still had a full month to go with the Fun run being scheduled for 25th of August.

Mel Nichols told me that apart from the uber cool prizes being sent by the Australian Fundrasing Speciaists staff; the KPSS P&C got a lot of support from the senior staff at the school. She told me that:

  • Each student who raises $50.00, will get a chance to throw a water balloon at a PE teacher/s, Principal or Deputy Principal
  • If they raise $10,000 the PE teacher will wear his best Tu-Tu to the assembly
  • If they raise $15,000 the Principal and the PE teacher will sing a love duet at assembly
  • If they raise $20,000 the Principal will shave his head

The addition of these fundraiser incentives will I’m sure add an extra amount of oomph to this event, and so many memories, legends and good creation are a guarantee.

Mel confided in me that when the P&C had come up with the above ‘added’ fundraiser incentives/ ideas they were not sure how well these would be received, however when they received a ‘thumbs up’ from the school staff AND heard the belly bursting laughter of the students when they heard about it at Assembly – they knew that they had a hit formula!

Event Planning Tips

When we talked planning, Mel did say that a lot of the preplanning material was sent by the Australian Fundraising Specialists. However the majority of the task is now in their hands.

The KPSS P&C is promoting, advertising and reminding the students to find sponsors and participate in the fun run – using their Facebook page, posters, mentions in newsletters and assemblies. She said that by creating a Fundraising Committee that is a social enterprise, and creating the atmosphere of one – she had found more success rather than treating the committee as a ‘working’ bee. Mel has also within the committee, created groups that are each responsible for their ‘share’ of the workload; and confided that by having members from different walks of life had enriched the committee furthermore. She also said that creating a social enterprise style of P&C has led to a deeper and more cohesive bond within the committee, and there is no back-biting, name calling, finger pointing etc at all.

What a great way to increase engagement and fundraising profits!

Originally published 25 September, 2018

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