Fresh Fruit

Fundraising with fruit provides a healthy and delicious alternative to sugary sweet treats. Mango fundraisers, for example, are a fresh take on fundraising drives, available in Term 4 in metropolitan areas throughout QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT, with trays of fresh mangoes delivered during the premium harvest period directly to schools and clubs.

Did you know that the record price paid for a tray of mangoes is $30,000? The Sydney Markets traditionally auction the first tray of the season with the proceeds going to charity.

On a much smaller (and cheaper) scale is the sale of trays of fruit (particularly mangoes) by fundraising groups. The fruit is preordered; then the order is placed in bulk with a wholesaler. The trays of mangoes are normally filled with fruit at different stages of ripening so you can enjoy them over a longer period of time. Delivery is seasonal, around early December: very handy for Christmas consumption.