Footy Club Events Guide

Football clubs events are popular with the community

It wasn’t that long ago that the only social event a footy club would have – besides beers after the game – was the annual presentation night.  However, as sport has evolved over the years and taken on more of a central role within society, so to have more events been added to the schedule to include the players partners, families and sponsors.
Irrespective of whether your club is AFL, rugby league, rugby union or soccer, clubs today are about far more than just playing sport; they’re also about camaraderie, teamwork and fun. So here are some ideas for events you can hold throughout the year to engage with your community and say thank you.

The Presentation Night
The original night of the year, and still the highlight, this is held after the finals.  The focus of the presentation night is typically on celebrating the highlights of the year, awarding trophies and making presentations.
The night can vary in tone from the casual, with the event held in a bistro with kids welcome, to the formal, where tickets are presold and food and drinks are all inclusive. As membership bases across clubs and sports codes can vary widely, it’s most important to organise an event that most of the members will be willing to participate in and enjoy.

Ladies Day
Some clubs cottoned on earlier than others that the people who ran the canteen, provided the cheer squad, and scrubbed out the grass stains were all ladies.  So Ladies Day was born, a day that is 100% focused on the half of the footy club who are less likely to be pulling on their boots, but more than likely to volunteer their time to help out the players and the team.
Some ladies Day events are organised at the club in conjunction with a match, whilst others give the ladies the opportunity to use up their brownie points to enjoy a shopping trip or wine tasting.

Family Day
A lot of clubs host a family day once a year, often in conjunction with a major match. These days are very easy to organise, all you need is a jumping castle, a face-painting booth, and sausage sizzle…and maybe something for parents to unwind with. They’re a great way to spread the footy love beyond the players themselves, and as the youngsters are often the players of the future (and hopefully committee members too) it’s also great way to build trust early.

Past Players Day
Past Players Day is a chance to recognise the contribution of past players, as well as provide an occasion for a reunion of the old timers.  Again, the event can be as simple as a few cartons of beer and some ice, or a ticketed, sit-down event.

Sponsors Event
A Sponsors event is an important opportunity to say thank you to your club’s much-valued sponsors. Sponsors are crucial for clubs as their support helps keep the club running as well as helps the club achieve financial goals for the season such as upgrading equipment, junior development and coaching clinics.
You should invite all your sponsors to an event and actively encourage participation by your members. Make sure the sponsors know that the members of the club are seeing their brand, and it’s a good idea to have a designated area for members and sponsors to mingle and network.