Fireworks: things that make you go hmmm, ooooh and ahhhh!

The weekend papers are usually packed with notices and advertisements for events like fetes and carnivals that will more than likely have rides, showbags, sausage sizzles, cake stalls and live entertainment. This all adds up to a whole lot of competition that can make it hard to attract people to your event.
That’s why you need a compelling drawcard, something that stands out from the crowd and gets people to choose your event over the competition. If you want more visitors through the gates, and if you want those visitors to spend their hard earned cash at your event, then you need to give the crowd something they can’t see every day.
And what more compelling drawcard could you have than live fireworks?
Whilst it’s illegal and dangerous to organise fireworks yourself, thankfully there are a number of suppliers across the country that can handle the entire thing in a safe and affordable manner. So if you’re considering ending your event with a bang, here are a few things you need to consider;
If you’re considering fireworks, then the very first conversation you need to have with the event committee should be whether you’re willing to outlay, at a minimum, $2,000 – $3,000 for a few minutes of fireworks. Budget defines almost everything about your fireworks display, it will define the duration of the show as well as the type of fireworks you will have, so agree on your budget first.
As mentioned above, the budget will define the duration and type of fireworks display you get to have. Lower budgets can limit you to laser shows and smaller fireworks, whereas larger budgets can result in shows that use 300mm display shells and make a real bang!
You also have the option of having music in the background and having the fireworks orchestrated and timed with the music. It’s also worth considering who your target audience is, if it’s adults then you can make as much noise and light up the sky as much as you like, but you may want to restrict the noise and brightness if there are young people present.
When you start contacting suppliers to get quotes for fireworks you will need to let them know if you intend to have a daytime display or a night time one. If you’re planning on a night event then make sure you check the sunset time for the day you have in mind so that your display is timed correctly.
When it comes to the duration of the show, you need to consider whether the show will be for adults or children, as this will define the time you hold your display as well as the duration. If children are to be present then you want the display earlier in the night so they can be home in bed by a decent hour, and you want it to run around 7-8 minutes so the little ones don’t get neck cramps (seriously).
When you speak with suppliers you will need to have an open space in mind for where they can situate their display, so it’s a good idea to fax across a map of your school with the target location clearly marked on it. In some cases suppliers can also run fireworks displays from the roof of your school, so if this is an option let them know when you speak with them.
One of the most important things to organise for a fireworks event is insurance. Suppliers will be able to guide you as to how much cover you may need, so don’t forget to ask them about this when your speaking with them.
Having a fireworks display is a great drawcard for a fete or event, it will draw more people on the day and will keep them around longer which will hopefully result in more money raised on the day. With a little prior preparation and planning you can organise something that lights up your event and fills up your event coffers!

Originally published 24 November, 2011

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