Fete Stalls

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8. Fete Stalls

Fete stalls are a pivotal part of a fete. Their success rests entirely in the planning, paying particular attention to diversity and quality. Parent groups often have specific stalls they like to operate. Send out an invitation for these groups to convene stalls, giving them a simple theme to work with. Welcome fresh ideas from parents new to the school.
Each class or year level can also be responsible for a stall. That encourages both students and parents’ participation. Stir up the competitive spirit: offer a pizza party to the year level that raises the most money!
Fete stalls
Many parents within school communities own businesses. Offer them a stall. For example, it makes sense to offer the ice-cream van to a parent who owns the local ice cream parlour rather than an outside vendor. After all, the parent has a vested interest in the fete’s success. If yours is a very small group, outside vendors may be critical to your viability. Your fete committee will decide whether to charge a flat fee or negotiate a percentage of profit (an option not dissimilar to the amusement ride suppliers). Outside vendors need to be self-sufficient in terms of power. They need to have appropriate insurance and, if serving food, they will need to be properly licenced. Copies of relevant permits should be kept in the fete folder.
A few golden rules for working with outside vendors
• Don’t be greedy. They need to make money too. Be fair about what you charge for the privilege of allowing them to be a part of your event.
• Be fair. Don’t book a balloon stall and then have a sponsoring company give away 1000 helium balloons.
• Likewise, avoid booking two or three similar stalls. You will find a list of suggested stalls here.
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Originally published 16 April, 2015

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