Fete Profile: Mt Evelyn Primary School


Naomi Taylor
Mt Evelyn Primary School
Event Date
Saturday October 25, 2014 (10-3pm)
How many students attend your school?
400 (approx)
Approximately how many people attended your fete?

Did you have a theme?
Yes- “Around the World” (used as inspiration for entertainment and foodcourt)
How did you set a date?
Considering weather (so from September onwards); Looking at general calendar conflicts (Term breaks, Cup weekend, etc), then looking at local calendar of events to try to prevent clashes (which we felt would reduce attendance numbers)
How many organising committee roles were there and what were they?
1- Coordinator: Having had experience in previous fairs, #1 led the team in delegating and overseeing all roles
2- Market stalls: Booked stallholders, and plan layout of market area. Also organized a silent auction and raffle.
3- Entertainment: Contact local dance groups, etc, to create a performance schedule.
4- Rides: Research and book carnival rides.
5- Food: Plan menu, shop and cook.
6- Marketing: Design marketing material, including promoting sponsors
Have you ever been involved in organising an event like this before?
What unique attraction/activity did you have that set you apart from other fetes in your area?
Our theme worked really well. It led us to having performers including a Swiss choir, belly dancers, and an indigenous workshop.


How much money did you raise from sponsorship?
Unknown (under $300 I think)
How did you go about it?
I wasn’t particularly involved, however I think it was just mentioned in the school Newsletter updates.
How does this compare to previous years?
Do you have a sponsors’ tent?
Do you have any advice for others seeking sponsorship?
Use you contacts, encourage the school community to be part of seeking sponsorship (from their own businesses, or employers). Also visit each business in your local community (if possible), as face to face can be more effective than a generic mail out.

How many rides did you have?
Did you buy your rides outright or have a split percentage?
Hired outright
What was the price of your fete rides? What was the price of your arm bands?
Wristbands for unlimited rides
Senior (8yr +)- Hurricane, Cha Cha, Giant Slide, Petting Zoo: $30 (pre), or $35 on the day
Junior- Cha Cha (inc accompanying adult), Giant Slide, Petting Zoo, Ball Pit: $20 (pre), $25 on the day
*3 or more siblings 10% discount (Pre purchase only)
Single ride tickets available- $5 each (purchase on the day)

Did you allow outside stall holders?
If yes, how many did you have and what were they?
Unknown. Despite our initial research, our fair conflicted with the local market, so we invited all of their stall holders to join our fair (at no additional cost).
How much was your stall fee?
$30 (but community organisations were free)
Most profitable stalls:
Lucky jars- $3 each, and sold out within 2hours
Showbags- $7 (wholesale $3-4). Sold out.
Stalls you wouldn’t run again:
Rides ended up losing us around $3000 ($10000 hire cost, and only making $7000 in wristbands/tickets), which greatly affected our profits. I am unsure whether we will have them again, as we’ll need to discuss the benefit of the “drawcard” factor, compared to the reality of interest (ie low sales).

What is the best way that you have found to get people to volunteer their time?
I had little input, however I think that giving people as much notice as possible is always good. Make a schedule of shifts, and display it publicly so parents can see the gaps that need filling (this can help remind people of the “many hands” theory).
Did you use an online roster?
Do you have a thank you dinner/party for your convenors?
How did you thank your volunteers?
Public (generic) thanks announcement.
Advice for others trying to recruit volunteers?
Give a list of specific things that are required. People will be wary of signing up to something when they have no information of what it is.

Describe any success you had with your publicity:
The Facebook event was a great way of getting the word out. We had 200 “attendees” join the page, which meant we could also provide ongoing updates (wristband sales, promotion of sponsors and performers)
How did you promote your fundraiser?
Social Media including Facebook
• Flyers / Posters
• Your own organisation’s newsletter/ email

Did you co-ordinate bulk supplies centrally? Eg. napkins, plates, cutlery, etc…
I think they sourced biodegradable food containers for serving (and to help meet our target of holding an environmentally conscious event)

What was your fundraising goal?
Unknown (I think about $10000 would have been great)
How much money did you raise?
Unsure- I think $5000- $7000.
What would you do differently next year?
We have discussed the option of an evening fair. The benefits are that there should be less conflict with weekend activities (sport, etc), and may attract more volunteers.
Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?
That around half the performers I’d booked around 3-4months prior would pull out the week before ☹ (but I managed to replace all of them!)
What is the best advice that you can give a fete convenor?
Be organized; know what needs to done and be diligent in recording everything.
Be clear about what is required from the committee, the school and the community (ie volunteers).

What other fundraisers do you have during the year?
The PA run regular fundraising throughout the year (chocolates, Mothers/ Fathers Day, etc), however the Fair is held every second year, and organized by a specifically formed “Working Group”.