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I wanted to introduce myself… I am a co-convenor of the Fete and Fundraising subcommittee at Marshall Road State School. The reason I wanted to let you all know is because we are always on the hunt for empty garden pots, glass jars and other random items! Our fete is on May 26th 2019 so we are also currently looking for second hand books, clothes and toys… Basically, if you are planning on doing a clean out over the holidays, please keep us in mind. I am happy to pick up your pre-loved items locally as well 🙂


Tip: logistics what you need to local community – can they help?
Tip: storytime corner

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5 Months to Go – ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown Planner!

On this page you will find:

What is ‘Fete in a Box’?

‘Fete in a Box’ is the ultimate expression of our mission at the Fundraising Directory ‘to save volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time’!

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5 Months to Go! It’s time for:


  • Buy a coin / note counter (currently $199 from Kogan) Finance / Logistics


  • Logistics , establish power / water requirements – stalls, who needs what
  • Site map, include access for emergency services
  • Logistics – hire cool rooms etc
  • Bin lifts
  • Rubbish bins – book extra with council?
  • Container Refund Scheme cage? Relevant states


  • Schedule convenors meeting
  • Call for stallholders
  • Send stallholder info
  • Collect applications
  • Approve applications


  • Donation schedule to start


  • Contact previous sponsors
  • Contact potential sponsors
  • Contact previous donors
  • Contact potential donors
  • Collect donations

☐ Treasurer

  • Invoices for sponsorship
  • Invoices for stall fees


  • Book MCs


☐ What’s not on this list but in the email 😉

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Suppliers who can help you – Lucky Dips and Prizes

Below is a useful list of suppliers who can help you at this stage of organising your event. If you do end up booking with any of them, please let them know we sent you, so that they know, for sure, to continue supporting our good work!


Company:  Visit Website | Send Enquiry

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