4 Months to go

Tip: Schedule other fundraising away from this time, or else parents may feel overloaded.

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4 Months to Go –  Countdown!

On this page you will find:

What is ‘Fete in a Box’?

Our ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown is the predecessor to our book: The Practical Fete Handbook for Fundraising Event Organisers! The book contains all of the information in this article and so much more – consolidated in an easy-to-read format, including the bonus: 99 Fete Stall Ideas! You can buy the book in printed form or as an eBook here.

4 Months to Go! It’s time for:


  • Book all other requirements necessary (St John’s, sound people, stage, equipment hire, generators etc) With Logistics
  • Order all equipment/resources/supplies/consumables required (Our FREE download of Site Convenor Resources would be very useful here)
  • If supplies cannot be sourced via donations. Bulk buy where possible – Always economise (buy in bulk etc) – the more spent on a stall, the lower the profits!
  • Order Stall/Convenor ID Badges


  • Logistics security
  • Logistics risk – asses plans
  • Treasure map organise
  • Sufficient parking available? Sufficient power available?
  • Sufficient Rubbish Bins available? Skip Bin required?


  • Convenor forms due
  • Confirm External Stall/Food operators and check insurance
  • Ask Stall/Activity convenors to return their stall requirement list.


  • In newsletter, start asking for class donations of goods & services for the stalls
  • Book radio and newspaper ads
  • Advertise fete in online Special Event Directories
  • Send out regular notes to the school community about the fete – via Newsletter, Facebook and website.


  • Flag sponsors, make list what you need, who has bulk purchase plastics
  • Donation letters to go out and start canvassing local business for financial and or prize support.
  • If you can cover the cost of equipment and get donations for food and prizes you will save big $$$’s.
  • If letters do not go out now, the success rate will be lower as other schools will get in ahead of you and bleed the community dry of donations
  • When writing letters for assistance, try to focus on a need for the school that the general community sees achievable and of benefit to the children. Generalized letters do not have the same effect.
  •  Offer sponsorship – gold, silver and bronze in return for extra advertising thru school newsletters, Fete Flyers, Fete website, and on the day. Works well at private schools.
  • Confirm advertising plan – banners, flyers, radio and newspaper, website & Facebook


  • School based performances commit students. The more outside groups booked, the more people from the community you draw into the fete
  • Years prep – year 4 usually perform on the day – make these perform early in the fete as younger children may go home after lunch.
  • The school choir usually opens the fete. The school band then performs and then the children can go enjoy themselves.
  • Form MC Running Sheet


  • Start putting together prizes for raffle ie: prize wheel/multi draw.

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Activities, Face Painters and Entertainment

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First Aid, ATMs & Services

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