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2 Weeks to Go – ‘Fete in a Box’ Countdown Planner!

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What is ‘Fete in a Box’?

‘Fete in a Box’ is the ultimate expression of our mission at the Fundraising Directory ‘to save volunteers from having to reinvent the wheel all of the time’!

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2 Weeks to Go! It’s time for:


  • Check your state’s regulations with notifying neighbours of your firework display. In Queensland neighbours in close proximity (approx. 200m) to the display must be notified no less than 4 days before.
  • Send stallholder info + site plan
  • Arrange Set Up/Pack Up Roster
  • Organise Garbage Collection during the event
  • Final meeting to make sure all is ready the week before.
  • Pick up items from Consumable Wholesaler (Serviettes, Cutlery, etc) and store. Sort into stall boxes. Ask convenors to collect their items on the Friday before the fete.
  • Finalise Operations Manual
  • Collect price lists from convenors – send to treasurer
  • Produce Run Order
  • Final check with property manager
  • Confirm electrician
  •  Print off all volunteer signup sheets


  • Book electrician for Fete Day
  • Arrange Hire Equipment pick up
  • Make sure 2 dads sleep over for security the night before. Perhaps reward them with Pizza and a few beers. Rides company will normally will arrive night before. Ensure toilets/showers are left open.
  • Confirm all equipment bookings
  • Organise equipment pickup/deliveries


  • Stall holders meeting, discuss float, reimbursements, schedule, setup
  • Last minute confirmation outside stall holders and access instructions
  • Make sure that all helpers get a roster well before the Fair, and a roster is in each stall on the day
  • There should also be a sign on/ off sheet for every stall on the day of the fete re insurance purposes. Please stress the importance of signing this to all convenors!!!!
  • All co-ordinators should have their sign on lists, rosters, badges and float run sheets by now.
  • Create a Central Station for all food drop offs – cakes, sweets, consumables etc
  • Check that all last minute stall fees have been paid


  • Drop a noise warning flyer in neighbours letterbox, include discount ride pass
  • Letterbox drop for neighbours esp free fireworks inc free coffee voucher
  • Thank you letter to  certificates
  • The week before the fete, ask for parents to help deliver flyers to local streets and also local schools, churches, and kindys.
  • Keep pushing ride passes – the more Passes pre-sold, the more children are committed to attending on the day
  • Signage – site plan, toilets, first aid
  • Signage for market trail
  • Send out link to volunteer sign up sheets weekly
  • Organise stall supplies
  • Organise fire extinguishers for hot food stalls
  • Signage – stall names, price lists


  • Collect donations
  • List of all sponsorship/major donors


  • Pay invoices
  • Reimbursements to committee members
  • Do float run. Treasurer should be involved in this.
  • Decide on floats needed and order from bank
  • All invoices to be batched.


  • Confirm all entertainment
  • Ask for short introductions for MC
  • Running sheet for MC
  • Handing out ride wristbands – the ultimate guide


  • Confirm raffle donations and market trail items
  • Finalise and print bidding sheets for silent auction

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Activities, Face Painters and Entertainment

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