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Welcome to you, our fete organising hero  😀

You have jumped in and put your hands up to run a fete, Congratulations and Thank You (on behalf of the universe!)

You have taken on a major role that will benefit the whole school and the extended community.  Yes, there is a lot to do but with this amazing resource and a lot of determination, you’ve got this!

12 Months to Go – Countdown!

On this page you will find:

12 months to go! It’s time for:


  • Tip: become best friends with principal/office admin – list what you need to understand
  • Develop a Fundraising Plan – how much to be raised…and spent where?
  • List of subcommittee requirements?
  • Form Committee – Convenor/s, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Inform Principal and P&C / P&F of possible Fete dates 
  • Research other events in the area to avoid a clash
  • Confirm if the event is covered by school insurance
  • Inform other schools in the area of the event and date
  • Visit other fetes in your area – what’s new? What’s successful? What’s not?
  • Schedule Fete meeting to canvass convenors and brainstorm if needed.
  • Apply for Council signage/banners permits
  • Confirm date, theme and time
  • Decide if you want to have Fireworks
  • Job descriptions (timing for each role)
  • Set up an Ideas Register: paper form, Google Spreadsheet, doc on cloud for anyone to access
  • Book ATM
  • CRM – set up email – cloud storage
  • Put a full page ad in the school newsletter with current available information and what is ‘needed’ moving forward


  • Book marquees and shade shelters.
  • Get in touch with local schools who have run fetes and try to source their equipment contacts – marquees, entertainment, stalls etc


  • Contact previous fete’s stall holders/subcommittees and see if they want to be involved again
    • Message shared to year level Facebook page:

      Hello everyone! So the 2019 fete is underway! Yay! If you haven’t already, please like the fete page/event so you can stay up to date with relevant information. If you are interested in joining our fete committee (we have all kinds of roles with different levels of ‘responsibility’ available) please let either myself or (other Co-convenor) know! Hopefully, we can get a few helpers on board early to make this as smooth and stress-free as possible! (Link to Fete event page)

    • Message sent to previous stallholders:

      Hello ladies/gentleman! Hopefully, you remember us, the SUPER awesome, likeable and easy to work with fete convenors from last year 🙂 We are starting to get some plans in place for next years fete. P&C have decided on a date – 26th May 2019! We are very excited and looking forward to where the Imaginarium theme takes us this time! As a previous stall holder, we are writing to invite you to join us again in 2019. If you would like to continue as stall holder for the XX stall or wish to swap to a different role please let us know ASAP so we mark this position as filled. Please feel free to contact me (convenor) directly on XXX should you have any questions regarding the role. We look forward to welcoming your return to the 2019 Fete Team. Thank you!!


  • Start to come up with a Marketing/Comms plan, including email list, opt in class list, local community etc
  • Add to church diary and notify church council (if relevant)
  • Update Fete website and Facebook page
  • Get the event’s Facebook Page re-activated/up to date and create the event – “Save the date” cover photo’s etc


  • Start thinking about putting a small team together – this one is best combined with the job of sourcing prizes for your auction. Three people if best if you can swing it, two is good and one superstar will also get you there 🙂
  • Source other local school Fete Flyers for Sponsor lists. 

☐ Treasurer

  • The only job you can do this far out is to set out purchasing protocols – what can people spend money on and seek reimbursement for? Best to be clear on this from the get-go, otherwise you may find that overly ‘spendy’ stall convenors eat into your profits!

☐ Entertainment

  • Begin to negotiate school involvement with the principal and key teachers eg. Class entertainment

☐ Rides

  • You are best to get this locked in before you even set a firm date!
  • Check ride availability
  • Book amusement rides
  • Confirm access and area requirements


  • Start thinking about prizes – will you run a major raffle?

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Quickfind Guide:

Activities, Face Painters and Entertainment

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Amusement Rides and Jumping Castles

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Animals & Pony Rides

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Bulk Suppliers

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First Aid, ATMs & Services

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Food, Drink & Fun Foods

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Glow Sticks / LED

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Showbags, Novelties & Prizes

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Stall Supplies & Stallholders

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