Fete Advertising & Publicity

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 10. Fete Advertising & Publicity

Fete advertising and publicity is about getting your message out so as many people as possible know that your fete is on.
Chapter 8 provides valuable how-to’s for fete advertising and fundraising publicity generally, but there are some specifics that apply to events like fetes that warrant special mention:
• As soon as your date is set, contact your local council for permission to place promotional banners on major roads near your event site. Councils usually limit promotional banners and it is often a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm’.
• Ask local shops and businesses to display your event poster in their window. If they are a major sponsor, make sure the poster acknowledges that.
• Specifically invite other schools, kindergartens, child care centres, churches and clubs in your area, and place flyers around there.
• Offer a major lucky door prize to be drawn at the fete, and stipulate that the winner must be present to receive the
prize. You can number the programmes handed out on the day and keep drawing out a number until a winner comes forward.
Local newspapers can be tough to get into. A ‘hook’ or a gimmick that sets you aside from other fetes is needed. It could be an attraction. It could be the fundraising’s purpose.
fete advertising

Either way, don’t count on the local paper to be your sole source of publicity. That’s where chapter 8 can help, where we include media release templates that can be helpful for fete publicity.



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