Father’s Day Stall Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day already?!? But didn’t we just do Mother’s Day??? Well, yes we did, but in the world of fundraising one of the keys to success is being organised.

If you’re on the mailing list of the bigger players in the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stall world, you may have already even received this year’s Father’s Day Stall catalogues.

Our Facebook community has once again offered some fantastic suggestions on additional gift ideas for your Father’s Day stall.

One reader supplied us with a whole list of what they’re stocking up on with prices ranging from $1 – $7:

  • Emergency Snack Packs (chocolates, popcorn, pretzels etc boxed)
  • Mugs filled with mini chocolates
  • Homemade relish, chutney, lemon butter & lime curd
  • Travel mugs with coffee sachet & chocolate
  • Voucher books
  • Potted succulents
  • Bookmarks
  • Measuring gift pack (mini tape measure, notepad, pencil)
  • BBQ aprons
  • Glass coaster sets & tapas boards
  • Homemade bliss balls, truffles, brownies & slices
  • Golf gift packs (golf ball, golf tee, day pass for a game of golf)
  • Small tackle box with gummies lollies
  • Baseball caps
  • Cool drink/stubby holders with a cool drink can
  • Novelty cufflinks
  • Keyrings

Another reader suggested a photo booth and I can vouch for the success of this one. Our school did this for Mother’s Day and it was a big hit. Pinterest is great for some inspiration for your backdrop. Our P & C didn’t charge for this (we did it as a gift) and sent them home in some nice brightly coloured envelopes with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ from xxxx school P & C’, but you can pick up cheap frames from K-mart or Ikea.

How about a Father’s Day breakfast? Ticket price includes a selection of sausages, bacon, eggs, cereal, juice, tea and coffee. You could set up your photo booth at your breakfast and have the kids take a photo with Dad. Include the cost in your ticket price for breakfast and if you can get hold of an instant Polaroid camera. You can have it all over and done with on the day.

You can hold your breakfast on Father’s day but there is a possibility that you might not get as many attending. It was suggested to hold it on the Friday before Father’s Day before school starts, then Dads can head off to work with a full tummy. Price suggestions are $5 per child, $10 per adult or $20 for the family.

Other suggestions included:

  • Travel mug ($2 for 2 pack from Target) with coffee/hot chocolate sachet and some individually wrapped biscuits or pretzels (The Reject Shop has a good selection), presented in a clear ‘loot’ bag and sell for $4 – $5.
  • Photo frames
  • Coffee mugs
  • Solar ‘bobble’ things (Flowers, bobble heads)
  • Pens
  • Raffle – main prize of 80 ltr Waeco car fridge
  • Father’s Day BBQ
  • Handmade items made at craft nights including paracord key rings, homemade spice mixes and tic tac toe kits. (Our reader said that all these ideas were sourced from Pinterest)
  • Fathers fishing night at a local jetty. Rods, bait etc were supplied by a company who also taught them how to catch fish. (Aimed at getting Dads and kids to attend)
  • Daddy Daughter dance (you can extend this to include granddads, uncles and brothers too)
  • Donations from families in the school. Some come up with ideas that aren’t in the catalogues.
  • Cookies. Our reader said they were a huge success.
  • Selling car wash vouchers for the local car wash at a discounted rate.
  • Rocky Road

If you are going to purchase from a catalogue, our advice is to try and include a few options for Grandparents too and don’t leave it too long before you order. All the popular items always sell out quickly. If you know that you have children in your school who don’t have a father in their lives, encourage them to use this opportunity to thank whoever is important to them so that can still feel included. As a suggestion, hold your stall early in the week so you have time to make a backup order – some suppliers do same-day dispatch!

Whatever you choose to do, keep your prices reasonable so you can appeal to the widest audience. After all, even though this will be a fundraiser, it’s not so much about how much money you make, but the enjoyment that the kids (and the Dads) will get out of it.

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Originally published 26 June, 2017

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