Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to a Father’s Day stall?

Reader question:

Would love to hear of any good ideas for fundraising for Fathers Day. We have done stalls previously but was hoping for something a bit different.

Here are some ideas for alternative Father’s day fundraisers from our Facebook community :

  • Last year we did a BBQ breakfast. Early Friday morning before school. We plan on doing it again. Lots of notice hopefully so dad’s can start a little late that morning. We charge $5 for Bacon and egg roll plus a coffee or drink for the kids. We didn’t raise as much as the mothers day stall but it was totally worth it. The teachers and principal said they had never seen so many dad’s and lots of new faces. We had mums, dads, grandad’s, uncles. It was a great morning.
  • We did a breakfast too and charged $15 per adult, kids $3. They all got a bacon egg roll and could have cereal, tea, coffee and juice. We made $2000
  • We did a Father’s Day breakfast but we don’t charge. We do the Father’s Day stall too so we make $$ there. The breakfast is more our way of giving back to the community who support us during the year.
  • We charge $5 for bacon & egg roll off the bbq, $4 for pancakes (we buy the golden brand in a 6 pack for $3 on special & microwave 3 per serve.) $1 orange juice, coffee & tea. We always do strict pre-orders so we know how much to get & no wastage.
  • We had our local men’s shed make some wooden key holders with the word ‘dad’ on them (or just pictures of tools if they didn’t want ‘dad’), the kids painted them in class and gifted to their dads. Men’s shed charged for materials (not time) and we charged a few $$ on top of cost. Image example below

  • This is a great idea – How about a “tough- dada” course type course? Have an entrance fee perhaps with funny obstacles to do with their children like changing nappy, packing a school lunch, doing their daughter hair etc.
  • One school have previously held a Father’s Day Golf Comp.
  • We held a “Fathers Day Treasure Hunt” last year – it was held in the morning before school. There were hidden “Treasure Chests” around the school – they were charged $2 per treasure map and the maps had “X”s on them where the treasure was hidden. Each chest had a word written on it – which they wrote down. All correct entries got put into a draw to win a $50 Bunnings voucher. Not a huge earner but was done more as a community event – getting the dads more involved in the school. There was a free pancake brekkie put on plus some games on the green.
  • Last year we did an event straight after school. Fathers Fun Day… lots of activities set up around the school thanks to our amazing sports teacher, nerf gun war in an undercover area and the P&C also arranged pizzas from local pizza shop for families to share. It was amazing!!! We did this as a social event/service, not a fundraiser. Pizzas pre-ordered and costs covered.
  • Repackaged licorice allsorts gift – bag of Coles All Sorts are $4 for 750 grams, a bag of Kmart Chocolate bullets are $1. Mix them up and re-package at 125 grams, add a cute label and you are done! Cost per item comes to 83 cents including the bag.

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Originally published 17 December, 2018

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