Father’s Day Stall Alternatives

Looking for something different for your school’s Father’s Day fundraiser? We’ve gathered a collection of alternative and additional ideas sourced from our Facebook community and extensive research. While the traditional Father’s Day stalls have their charm, these out-of-the-box suggestions will bring a fresh and exciting twist to your event. From breakfast feasts to thrilling obstacle courses, there’s something for everyone. Here are some creative ideas that promote family bonding, community involvement, and, of course, fundraising success. However, before you make a decision, keep in mind that kids love the thrill of choosing gifts, so consider carefully whether you want to replace the beloved Father’s Day Stall.

Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Host an early morning BBQ breakfast before school starts.

  • Charge a reasonable fee (e.g., $5) for a bacon and egg roll plus a coffee or drink for the kids.
  • Give dads the opportunity to start their day a little later.
  • This event attracted a large number of dads, moms, granddads, and uncles, creating a fantastic morning with new faces and a great sense of community

Breakfast with Options

  • Similar to the BBQ breakfast, offer a range of breakfast options.
  • Charge a higher fee (e.g., $15 per adult, $3 for kids) for a more elaborate breakfast experience.
  • Include bacon and egg rolls, cereal, tea, coffee, and juice.
  • This event generated significant revenue, raising $2000 in one instance.

Complimentary Father’s Day Breakfast

  • As a way of giving back to the community, organise a Father’s Day breakfast with no charge.
  • Focus on the Father’s Day stall as the main fundraising component.
  • Use the breakfast as an opportunity to show appreciation to the community for their support throughout the year.

Pre-Ordered Breakfast

  • Ensure efficient planning and minimal wastage by implementing pre-orders for the breakfast items.
  • Strictly collect orders in advance to determine the quantity of food needed.
  • Offer options like bacon and egg rolls, pancakes, orange juice, coffee, and tea.

Personalised Wooden Key Holders

  • Collaborate with a local men’s shed to create wooden key holders.
  • Children can paint and customise the key holders in class as gifts for their dads.
  • Charge a few extra dollars on top of the material costs for fundraising purposes.

“Tough-Dada” Obstacle Course:

  • Organise a fun and humorous obstacle course where dads participate alongside their children.
  • Include obstacles related to dad-specific tasks like changing diapers, packing school lunches, or doing their daughter’s hair.
  • Charge an entrance fee for dads to participate in the course.

Father’s Day Golf Competition

  • Arrange a Father’s Day Golf Competition in collaboration with a local golf course.
  • Dads can participate in a tournament or friendly competition, creating a bonding experience.
  • If you have a local mini golf centre, you can book it for a father/ father-figure vs kids event.
  • Set an entrance fee and offer prizes or trophies for winners.

Father’s Day Treasure Hunt

  • Organise a treasure hunt around the school premises before school starts.
  • Charge a small fee for treasure maps that lead participants to hidden treasure chests.
  • Include a word on each chest for participants to collect.
  • Correct entries are entered into a draw for a chance to win a voucher or prize.
  • This event encourages community involvement and fosters a sense of adventure.

Fathers Fun Day

  • Host a “Fathers Fun Day” event immediately after school.
  • Set up various activities around the school grounds, such as sports games or a nerf gun war in a designated area.
  • Coordinate with the P&C (Parent and Community) association to arrange pizzas for families to share.
  • This event serves as a social gathering rather than a fundraiser, providing an enjoyable time for families to bond.

Repackaged Liquorice Allsorts

  • Purchase bags of Coles All Sorts (around $4 for 750 grams) and Kmart Chocolate bullets (around $1).
  • Mix them together, repackage them into smaller portions (e.g., 125 grams), and add a cute label, such as ‘You are ALLSORTS of Amazing’
  • Sell these repackaged treats for a reasonable price, including the cost of the bag.
  • This idea offers a tasty, cost-effective and visually-appealing gift option.

These alternative Father’s Day fundraisers provide unique experiences, encourage community engagement, and offer a departure from traditional stalls. Don’t forget, though, that kids LOVE choosing gifts and the associated excitement and anticipation, so think twice before you replace the good-old Father’s Day Stall!

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