Family Portrait Fundraising

Family Portrait Fundraising

When was the last time you had a family portrait done? Family photos are one of those things that usually get lost somewhere on the “to do” list. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the family portraits in my hallway every single day.

There’s a good chance that many in your community either don’t know yet how much they will value family portraits, or they are overdue to have updated portraits taken. It is for these reasons that a family portrait fundraiser sits among my most favourite of fundraising ideas.

It works like this: you arrange a day for a photographer to attend a location – there are different styles of photography and you can choose from a natural setting, a backdrop or any other location that inspires you. You charge a booking fee to your families – usually between $15 or $30 – which gets your family their shoot as well as one framed printed family portrait. Your school or club gets to keep this booking fee.

With modern technology, portraits can be chosen on the day, which streamlines and simplifies the process.

The photographers that specialise in running fundraisers have the systems sorted and provide full support (you’ll find them here), and failing that you could try to cobble something together yourselves.

As a side note, a facebook reader recently sent in a question about no-shows, which generated some good discussion. If you are interested, you’ll find the thread here.

This is a popular one in the lead up to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, but I am of the belief that any day is a great day to capture a moment in time.

Happy Fundraising!


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Bonus Tip:

Staff Baby Photo Competition

How about running a ‘baby photos of the staff’ competition for your school or club?  Entry can be a gold coin and the baby photos of the staff/ coaches are put up on a big board.  Students fill in an entry form to see who wins.

This one is actually a barrel of laughs and great fun for the kids.

A great way to bring a community together, while also raising money at the same time!

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