What do you enjoy most about fundraising?

We do fundraising because we love it, but what do you enjoy the most about fundraising?

Posted by The Fundraising Whisperer on Sunday, 19 November 2017

Here are some things that our Facebook community readers enjoy most about fundraising:


  • Smiles on faces. Whether it be from the kids at the mother’s/father’s day stalls when buying a gift for someone special or the staff when you say here’s a cheque to put towards x. It’s all worth it even if you feel that the bottom half of the iceberg is 100 times the top. 😁(those who are regular readers will understand)
  •  I love the buzz of fundraising knowing that my contribution will end up giving more in dollars than I could ever give on my own.
  • I think it would be meeting parents that you wouldn’t otherwise meet and have to say receiving donations is pretty exciting!!
  • Counting the money at the end of the event 
  • Bringing people together!
  • The happy faces.
    The parents and students saying Thank You. Sometimes it’s not about the profit.
  • Being able to say ‘yes’ to a school wishlist request because we have the funds for it.
  • The smiles on the children’s faces. Even if 1 child comes up and says thank you, it’s all worth it.


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