Dream themes for fetes

Dream themes ideas for fetes

Finding the right dream theme ideas for fetes is more than creating ambience. It provides cohesion to all the different elements of a fete and is a wonderful ‘hook’ for all event-related communications.
Some popular themes for fetes include:

  • Country fair
  • Around the world
  • Father’s Day
  • Colour
  • Haunted house
  • Sports day
  • Medieval
  • Rock and roll
  • Mother’s Day
  • Spring fair
  • Jazz
  • Outer space
  • Old-fashioned carnival
  • Christmas in June/July

A country fair theme, for example, can have stalls decorated with hay and dried flowers. Volunteers can get into the spirit, dressed in denim jeans, flannel shirts and straw hats. A bush band can be hired
for entertainment and an animal farm fits in fantastically as a fun (and educational) experience for children.
Likewise, an international fair opens up a world of food stalls, quite literally, and encourages your community’s different ethnic groups to get involved. Use flags for decoration and dress in national costumes. Tailor some games and activities around certain countries or cultures.
“My favourite theme was ‘the circus’. The kids loved it — and so did the teachers. They were able to work the theme, and all the preparation that goes with it, into class time with drama and art lessons. An Arts Council troupe of performers came to the school in the lead-up and taught the students some fun moves. They even returned on the day of the fete and worked the crowd for us.” Linda, experienced fete convenor

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