Daffodil Day

 Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day

Every day, around 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer. But every day there is more reason for hope than ever before especially with Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day. Cancer research is discovering new and better treatments, cancer prevention campaigns are working and support for those affected by cancer is improving all the time. Every item sold and every donation can help take us another step closer to the defeat of cancer..

Each year we hope to get more people involved to help beat cancer by ordering Daffodil Day merchandise to sell, wearing a pin, volunteering to help out on the day and donating. We couldn’t do it without you and appreciate your support in helping Cancer Council raise vital funds for research, education, prevention and support.

Turn your school yellow for Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day.Your school can get involved with Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day to help take us another step closer to the defeat of cancer.