Create Cookbooks

Creating a fundraiser cookbook has never been so easy, with the launch of our new smart and powerful online software and our friendly team.

Schools, groups and organisations can request recipes and personal photos from their community using our custom recipe request form. Choose one of our beautiful, custom-designed templates and with a press of a button, the recipes and their photos are imported in chapter order with font styles attached. Invite members of your team to help with the final touches, and at any time, you can view your cookbook as a complete digital flipbook inside your secure dashboard. As a customer, you also get exclusive access to our premium photo library. When you are ready to publish, our design team checks your book and gets it ready for print.

Our aim is to help schools and organisations publish bookstore-quality printed cookbooks at the best possible price, and to provide top-class customer service. Our pricing calculator helps you work out the cost of your book so there are no surprises. Books are printed in Australia, and for large bulk orders, you have the option of printing offshore or in Australia depending on your budget and timeline. There is no minimum print run. Print 1 or 1000s, it’s up to you.

Print a book for as little as $2.56 each including shipping and GST. Depending what plan you chose upon sign up, this is refunded when you go to print. There are no hidden fees.

We provide all the tools, templates and information you need for your community to pre-order your cookbook, request sponsorship and maximise sales. Create your free account today and get started with making your fundraiser a success.

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