Crazy Camel

Transforming children’s artwork or photos into professionally printed calendars, greeting cards and diaries. No upfront costs. No minimum orders.

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How long has Crazy Camel  Fundraising been in business?

We have been successfully helping schools and preschools fundraise from children’s art for over 12 years.

What is involved?

We provide participating groups with art paper for the children to create their individual artwork on. No one is too young: footprints or handprints can look great! At primary school level the artwork shows off the children’s more developed art techniques.

What makes this a great fundraiser?

1. Everyone gets to participate by creating their own art, whether or not there’s a purchase.

2. Supports creative development.

3. Children’s art and photos are cherished – this is a way of making family and friends feel special with a unique and treasured gift.

4. Crazy Camel provides everything you need – including postage charges – and we’re only a free-call away for full support.

Explain the teaching resource that supports the fundraising experience.

Crazy Camel provides art-based teaching resource booklets, specifically developed for teachers by teachers, to maximise valuable classroom time. We provide ideas for calendar/greeting card/diary art and our projects link to areas of curriculum. Lots of ideas and aids to assist in making this fundraiser a success and while the children are having fun, they’re also learning.

If we look at this as a pre-Christmas fundraiser, when do we need to get organised?

We suggest creating the artwork in the last weeks of Term 3 or the first weeks of Term 4. If we have the completed art by early November, we can deliver calendars well before the holidays begin.

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