Community Fundraising with Coles

Community Fundraising through your Local Businesses & Supermarkets – Coles Fundraising

Your local Coles is not only a huge part of the general community, but it’s also a familiar place central to your children’s lives, synonymous with after-school pickups and the mad dash to grab some forgotten snacks before after-school sports and the like.

In terms of seeking support from a major supermarket like Coles, approach your local store and discuss some options with them. From time to time, they have specific programs such as ‘Sports for Schools’ on offer.

Think more creatively to really set your initiative apart. Some stores offer prime space in front of the store for a Coles fundraising activity to catch all their hungry and generous foot traffic. Think of getting the kids in soccer uniform to do a team war cry in front of the store to grab some attention and let people know why you are fundraising. If it’s gymnastics or a dance group your raising money for, consider showing off your skills in front of the store. It will definitely set you apart, you just need to think outside the box.

Perhaps they will be willing to provide donations for your sausage sizzle or fete – you don’t know if you don’t ask. Make certain you get your request in early as there is a lot of competition from other schools and clubs for their support.

All it takes is a little brainstorming and ingenuity from your local community group and a meeting with the store manager to make the most of this relationship. For more information about how Coles can help you with your fundraising initiative visit their site here.

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