Colour Frenzy

Make your school ‘COLOURFULLY RICH’ with a Colour Frenzy School Fundraiser!

Many schools rely on fundraising to fund various initiatives in their school. The Colour Frenzy fundraising platform is one of the most generous in the fundraising world.

We help schools reach their fundraising goals by giving MORE back to the school and its students.

Colour Frenzy Australia is thrilled to offer schools and groups the opportunity to engage in a fun, exciting, memorable day, all while raising thousands of dollars for important fundraising initiatives.

The event encourages physical activity and positive comradery amongst students and staff. The attendees receive a strong sense of achievement as they work hard to achieve their fundraising goals and incentives prizes.


colour frenzy

We offer 2 amazing options to schools – one of which is an industry first and created by Colour Frenzy!

HOSTED Event: Our team create, bring, and set up an amazing track that features 5 colour stations, an obstacle course, inflatables, a bubble station and much more!

DIY Event: Your school will create its own track, run its own event day and give the children a wonderfully fun, colourful experience.

Contact us for more information on how to bring a Colour Frenzy fundraiser to your school or group!