Cocktail party fundraiser – any ideas for inexpensive decorations?

Reader question:

I’m helping to organise a cocktail party fundraiser for my children’s primary school and would love some inexpensive ideas for decorations. It’s outdoors in April, themed white and hopefully going to have minimal impact on the planet

Here are some reader ideas for inexpensive ways to decorate a cocktail party fundraiser:

  • Try any local gardeners or nurseries that would ‘loan’ you some potted white flowering plants for the night? Or a florist that would support you with the donation of some flowers for the tables? Even just bunches of babies breath could be inexpensive and very striking!
  • Think of something you could reuse afterwards; soft white tulle draped from posts/trees can give a lovely atmosphere.
  • Fairy lights (reusable), Large tissue paper pom poms (recyclable) (strung around in big bunches), the cheap shops have heaps of decorating bunting as well.
  • Talk to your local newspaper and see if they will donate the end rolls from the printing process to use as your tablecloths.
  • Have some blank canvases and boxes of wax crayons, a couple of hairdryers and run a quick art class. Then you can also auction the results.
  • This is a great idea – Lots of tea lights sitting in glass jars. Ask families to send in their empty clear glass jars from home.
  • You can also have centrepieces to raffle or auction off for some extra fundraising. Click here to read more on that idea.
  • Make a simple bunting out of white poplin
  • Pick up old pieces of material from op-shops cut and make pom poms. If they turn out well you can also get people to bid on them for extra donations.

image from Pinterest – DIY tule pompoms

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