Sports Club Fundraising Guide

Welcome to the Fundraising Directory’s guide to Sports Club Fundraising.

Sporting clubs and small community groups are like extended families: there’s a bond that glues you together no matter what other differences you have. Fundraising is generally the most cost-effective way to make money for your club. You have a ready-made market in fervent supporters: club members, their family and friends, as well as local fans of the sport.

Holding a club fundraising activity doesn’t just put much-needed dosh into the coffers: it provides a chance to promote your club at the community level, generating more support and participation.

Read on to learn the game plan your team needs to score in fundraising. The first session of your new training regime is on SMART goals – goals to help you decide what your club really wants to achieve.

Happy fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

The Fundraising Whisperer

* When I say ‘sports club’, think broadly. Whether you’re a member of a footy club, cricket team, swim squad, dance studio, equestrian group, judo club, scouts – any and all clubs share these principles for fundraising success.

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