Fundraising Tip – Clean up your fete with a school disco!

School Disco

At the end of a big event like a fete, there is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done!

For schools and clubs that hold large events, a fantastic idea is to hold a short disco at the end of the day to entertain the children.

The rationale behind this is to keep the kids occupied, contained and supervised at the end of the day, leaving the grown-ups free to pack down and clean up.  It is not so much about generating additional income, although you will need to cover the expenses as much as possible.

Serve a sausage sizzle for the kids so nobody has to worry about feeding them when they get home – straight into the bath and into bed (or just bed??)

If you are selling armbands for school fete rides, consider having it include entry to the disco, otherwise make it affordable, such as $5 entry including the sausage sizzle.

See if you can get the cost of the DJ and sausage sizzle sponsored, perhaps by a local politician or real estate agent.

The kids will be ready for a big night sleep, and all the hard work of the clean-up can be shared by a greater number of parents and so it will be over before you know it!

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