How should we ask for chocolate wheel prize donations?

Reader question:

We’re having a chocolate wheel and trying to figure out the best way to gets prizes for it. Do you think it’s more effective to put a tub in each classroom and ask families to donate prizes or should we do a 5c challenge? I’m concerned if we ask for prizes to be donated, they won’t necessarily be items people will want.


Here are some ideas from our Facebook community on collecting chocolate wheel prizes:

  • Send home a note in the school newsletter asking families for items or vouchers. They might work or own a company that can donate a prize or a service (lawn mowing voucher etc). Give examples of prizes so people get an idea of what you’re looking for (or a value amount) and a phone number so people can ask if they have any questions. If you don’t get a response from that, you could always try 5 cent Friday. (I’d do it on days you have assembly and end it by asking parents and have some kids walk around with a jar! I’d empty my wallet in it! It’s not pressuring, it’s opportunity fundraising!
  • We do a mufti clothes day in exchange for items. Be specific. Year 1 chocolates, Year 2 food, Year 3 stationery etc. We then make hampers from what’s received for the choc wheel.
  • At our school they asked each class to bring something. So peeps brought chocolate bars, grade ones brought in jars, grade 2 brought in packets of lollies etc. works well.
  • Make a list of what items you want- can it be divided so each grade can bring something to help. Will they be same value so year I don’t bring in a $2 item and year 4 are asked to bring in $4 item etc. And then do you have time before you ask these same parents to buy raffle tickets, ride vouchers, tickets for chocolate wheel etc?! You’ll always have a few that will complain, but majority will do what you ask if it saves them doing a lot of work! Good luck!
  • Have a grocery drive and make up hampers from that. We did this for a couple of years and these baskets full of groceries were the first items to go.


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