Turning children’s artwork into Fundraising Dollars

Turning children’s artwork into Fundraising Dollars

Children have a remarkable capacity for being creative, so much so, that if you asked many parents, at one time or another they had a very brief flash where they dream of their child as the next Picasso, Rembrandt or Whitely.

Our enthusiasm for our children’s creative works has led to a growing popularity for using companies that turn children’s drawing, sketches or photos into keepsakes such as bags, tea towels and calendars as a means of fundraising.

Mike Candy, from Crazy Camel Fundraising, a company that turns children’s artwork or photographs into professionally printed calendars, greeting cards, diaries and more, believes they are increasingly popular because they are a unique and personal gift that parents and relatives can cherish. They’re a popular gift for birthdays and anniversaries, and particularly popular at Christmas time.

Turning children’s artwork into calendars and cards is just the beginning, there’s also the ever-popular option of using children’s drawings, sketches or handprints to create practical products like tea towels, bags or aprons.  Emma Glynn, from Expressions, says that customised printed tea towels and aprons are ideal keepsakes, and a great option for fundraising for worthwhile causes because they are so unique.

“We recently worked with a group raising money for a hospital in Africa. The design contained wonderful pictures by female patients, many of whom had never held a pen before. The group originally ordered 1,500, then, a few months later we had a reorder for another 1,000, which was a special keepsake for the women and a fantastic fundraiser for the charity.”

For those looking for something even more durable, melamine plates have been popular in Australia for many years and can be decorated with photos or drawings, and even hand or footprints. Toby Griffin, from Pictureproducts, believes that it is the durability of the product that accounts for much of its popularity.

“We hear countless stories of Pictureplates still being in use while the original artist’s children are at school making plates of their own. It’s truly heartwarming to know that the products we make are not cheap throwaways, but will become long-term mementos treasured by families.”

So whether you choose to agree with Picasso or not – that every child is an artist– you should consider including one or more of the above options in your fundraising calendar. They’re always popular with parents and relatives, they’re profitable ideas for community and school fundraisers, but more importantly, they make our children feel precious and treasured!


Happy Fundraising!
xMandy Weidmann


originally published 31 August 2014

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