Recruiting Volunteers

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Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering Schools are constantly in need of assistance. Parent Associations and other groups are an important part of schools...

How to Get Volunteers for Kindies, Child Care Centres and Prep

Fundraising is not a one-person job. It needs a core few volunteers that are committed to the big picture and others who can jump in and support the cause.

Finding Volunteers

Who out there is in need of more volunteers?

Position Vacant: ‘Thank You Sergeant’

Keep your volunteers with a 'Thank You Sergeant' - the person responsible for showing how much your organisation appreciates its people.

Singled Out: volunteering as a single parent

  The Fundraising Directory posted the question: “Should single parents be expected to volunteer?” You got back to us with...

Succession Planning in Fundraising

Here we discuss the importance of 'success'ion planning in fundraising and why it is important to step aside to make way for some renewal.

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